Actiful® is a citrus and pomegranate complex designed to enhance vitality and support an active lifestyle. It is an all-natural, high-quality, clinically evaluated ingredient ideal for developing dietary supplements targeting blood flow, physical performance and mental well-being.

Natural vitality enhancer

Physical energy and mental well-being are crucial for an active lifestyle.

Actiful® was developed to support the consumers’ desire to be more vital and active by stimulating their body’s capacity to produce energy, boosting their strength, and improving their psychological functions.

With Actiful® Body & Mind are in sync!

Clinically proven benefits

Clinically proven benefits

Unique mode of action

Unique mode of action

Stimulant free


Low daily dose of 700 mg

Low daily dose of 600-700 mg

Blood flow, energy & mental well-being

Several clinical studies conducted on both young and senior subjects have investigated the effect of Actiful® on endothelial function, energy production, strength, and mental well-being. These studies demonstrate important health benefits for consumers who want to be more active, such as:

– Enhanced blood flow and cardiovascular health

– Improved mitochondrial efficiency and energy production

– Improved mental energy and psychological function

Blood flow – oxygen pump

A randomized, placebo-controlled trial (N=48) has shown that a six-week daily intake of 700 mg of Actiful® is able to significantly improve Flow Mediated Dilation (FMD), a direct marker of endothelial function, in individuals 55+. With enhanced FMD, arteries are more flexible and better able to adapt to changes in blood flow, allowing for an improved blood flow and oxygen delivery during physical activity, when muscles require a greater supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Blood flow – oxygen pump

*Significant effect on FMD with daily Actiful® supplementation HFM = High-fat meal

Immediate and sustained energy production

A randomized, placebo-controlled trial (N=39) has shown that a four-week daily intake of 700 mg of Actiful® is able to significantly increase power output during exercise in regularly active individuals. Actiful® was shown to affect both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, demonstrating immediate short-term energy at the start of the activity, followed by long-term endurance throughout the activity. Actiful® is able to provide targeted energy delivery whenever needed.

Energy production

*10-minute cycling trial to full exhaustion after four-weeks of Actiful® supplementation

Vitality Cycle

Physical and mental well-being in elderly

The benefits of Actiful® were also investigated in a randomized clinical trial with senior subjects 60+.

The study revealed that Actiful® consumption results in improved physical performance and better quality of life, two crucial factors in successful ageing.

Specifically, after 4 weeks of supplementation, strength and psychological functions improved significantly in the supplementation group.

Dual action effect

Dual action effect

Citrus – Energy

  • Blocks leakage of protons (H+) in the mitochondria
  • Higher levels of H+, increases respiration ability of mitochondria
  • More respiration = enhanced ATP production = more energy

Citrus – Blood flow

  • Activates phosphorylation of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS), the key enzyme for Nitric Oxide (NO) synthesis
  • More NO = enhanced blood flow (vasodilation)
  • Greater oxygen availability for muscle cells = more energy (ATP)

Pomegranate – blood flow

  • High levels of nitrate (substrate for NO) = increases NO production = enhances blood flow
  • Strong anti-oxidant
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White paper

Download the white paper and discover the scientific evidence around Actiful®.


Researched & developed by BioActor

Actiful® was researched and developed by BioActor, a Dutch life science company that develops health ingredients for functional foods, clinical nutrition, and dietary supplements.

Embedded in the Maastricht Health Campus, BioActor focuses on the core mission of bringing nutrition backed up by real science to consumers, helping them perform better and improve their health and well-being.

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